About Yasmin Bey

Yasmin Bey's roots is from the Americas,  Natchitoches, Louisiana & the country of Haiti.  She grew up a little creole girl in the country. After her adolescent years, she moved to Atlanta, GA. It is here she was able to allow the values from childhood to make room for her in the big city.  In big cities, it is a normal thing to go to the hospital when one is sick.  However, I was raised differently. My grandma would rub a plant, oil,  boil a few things and say a prayer before we even thought about going to the doctor. 
Today, that's more foreign than the man on the moon. So, I am behooved to help as many people as I can to learn to care for their bodies in the most natural way possible. It is encouraged to drink some sort of tea daily, even if it's just a cup. I would say similar to how they would promote cow milk drinking in the 90s. 
Growing up in the 90s , we played outside. lol One of my favorite things to do would be to mix dirt, pretty flowers and weeds together.  I would hand the portions out and tell family and friends to take their potions. Well, I had no idea my fantasy games would become a reality in adulthood. People may say I have healing hands, but I say it is the power of nature. You see nature can't survive without the sun. So, as long as the sun shines, I will heal.