Shango Oya's Closet is Expanding !!!

A special thanks goes to all of my day one customers. I am working hard to spread my products around the world. Shango Oya's Closet Inc. has customers in Atlanta Ga., New York, California, Virgin Islands, Finland, UK, and many other places. We are gradually changing our packaging to fit our more professional clientele and to give off the true light we are here to spread. Our company goal is to heal and teach others how to heal themselves. The change we have made in our website will assist in accomplishing our goal easier. Newsletters, pop-up shops, and giveaways will be just a few of the NEW and EXCITING avenues Shango Oya's Closet will be embarking on. We hope you can share our products and testimonies with someone else to help assist them on their healing journey. Stay tuned for more updates. Enjoy your healing journey!!!